Guides to getting started

Here you will find free guidance to begin your Well Schools journey created by schools for schools. This also includes guidance for implementing the Well School approach across a multi-academy trust.

Well Schools Guide

We worked with the 30 founding schools to create a steps to success guide for any school to reflect on the actions they took to becoming a Well School.

Well School Trusts Guide

We worked with the 7 multi-academy trusts to create a conditions for success guide for any Trust to support a group of schools to adopt a Well School approach.

Measuring Wellbeing Guide

We worked with leading organisations and experts to create a guide for schools on measuring the wellbeing of staff and pupils, understand needs and take action.

Well Schools Guide

Every school’s journey to becoming a Well School will be different and there isn’t a single approach to follow. You will find some ‘quick-wins’ below, but it is important to note that a whole-school approach to wellbeing takes time to embed. The steps suggested here are a good starting point.

Each Well School will have a different journey, but what they all share is the unrelenting commitment to putting the health and wellbeing of staff and pupils at the centre of their improvement plans.

Top 10 Tips to Get Started

  • Remember it’s a work in progress
  • Make a commitment
  • Form a Well School Team
  • Self-Assess against the Well School pillars
  • Measure wellbeing
  • Prioritise and plan
  • Network
  • Take action
  • Monitor and evaluate
  • Put it in your improvement strategy.

Steps to success cover

Steps to Success


Well School Trusts Guide

Well School Trusts build on this concept, by prioritising the contribution of improved health and wellbeing to their vision and values. They are putting PE, sport and play at the heart of their positive action to improve the schools in their multi-academy trust.

This guide on how to navigate the journey to being a Well School Trust brings welcome focus to the topic of how school trusts can promote and improve the culture of their schools.

Top 10 Tips to Get Started

  • Embed in your vision and values
  • Identify a strategic lead for the Trust
  • Measure Wellbeing and understand needs
  • Launching to the whole Trust
  • Put it in your Improvement strategy
  • Monitor and evaluate
  • Communicate your commitment
  • Consider your community role
  • Self-assess against the Well School Pillars
  • Take action in each school.

Conditions for success cover

Conditions for Success


Well Schools Trusts Support

The Youth Sport Trust have a Well School Trust support package that you can access by contacting us.

We have free workshops, professional development for whole-trust wellbeing leads and senior leaders as well as bespoke support for delivering a Well School Trust.

Senior Leader Engagement - 1-hour workshop for senior leaders

  • Context for Well Schools                                         
  • Concept of a Well School Trust
  • Aligning Trust Outcomes
  • Leadership & Commitment
  • Contribution of PE and Sport.

Visioning for PESSPA - 3-hour face-to-face workshop

  • Establish vision and strategic approach for PE and sport
  • Position this as a driver for the Trust's wider priorities
  • Establish areas of strength and development
  • Map a development journey and actions.

Wellbeing Leads Residential - 2-day training programme and ongoing support

  • Context for children's wellbeing and achievement
  • Address wellbeing outcomes through PE and sport
  • Develop a Well Culture in a Trust
  • Develop a framework for whole Trust health and wellbeing
  • Develop a strategic function to drive wellbeing across the Trust.

Training Programme for Strategic Leaders of Well School Trusts (Monday 03 - Tuesday 04 July 2023)

This collaborative opportunity will provide a series of keynote presentations, workshops, case studies, networking, reflection and planning activities supporting delegates through inspiration, practice and support. The FREE two-day programme will help strategic leaders develop their own strategies to implement change and improve health and wellbeing across their School Trust.

If you are interested in attending or sending a senior leader please contact us here.