Why it is important to get the culture right!

Here is a brilliant article from Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, on why getting the culture around wellbeing is so important for performance. It draws on her experience of working at UK Sport and how the wellbeing of staff and athletes underpins the culture of a high performing sport and it’s ability to produce medals.

There are so many parallels o be drawn from this with what we face in education and why the Well School movement for change will be critical to ensuring staff and pupils experience an education journey that equips and prepares them for learning and life.

YST-INSPIRE-Autumn-2020-Katherine-Grainger.pdf (770.4 KB)


Fascinating! I remember a talk at a YST Conference a couple of years ago from someone involved with part of this change process at UK Sport. It certainly gave me a chance to reflect on what we were doing as a school and definitely influenced some of the development process we went through.

I couldn’t agree more with the observation, ‘One that had become so focused on specific measures of performance that the actual impact of the experiences leading to those performances was being ignored.’ Spot on and crucial to get the culture right.

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