Well Schools Branding Pack

We have created a Well Schools branding pack for all @schools to use as they see fit.

Well Schools is not a programme, kitemark or awards process…it is a movement for change owned by everyone. We have created a suite of assets you can use to communicate your commitment to creating health, happy pupils. This could be using the logo on your website, using the posters and social templates to communicate your work or using the print files to have a physical Well School message throughout your school.

We have created content you can use in reception, on notice boards, in corridors or in your virtual spaces. We have even created a poster template where you can add your own logo and images :smiley: You might even use them for your newsletters for parents and partners.

So, here they are ready for you to download:


Well_Schools_Posters_v7.pdf (3.8 MB)

Editable Poster
Well_Schools_Posters_Editable.pdf (746.1 KB)

Social Media Images

Well_School_Pillars_banners_final.pdf (7.6 MB)


If there is a need for any other form of branding just make a request by replying below.