Well School Introductions

This is a thread to introduce yourself to the community and start a conversation with likeminded professionals. We read this thread everyday and happy to connect you to resources and tools to help you on your Well School journey.

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Good Morning all,

I am a School Sports Officer working with inspire+.
I mainly work with EYFS, KS1, KS2 Children and Primary school staff so any resources, documents, podcasts in these areas would be fantastic if you are willing to share.
I would also like to take something back to my colleagues that we can use for our own wellbeing sessions we have.

Wellbeing is a big part of our initiatives and programmes, so anymore ideas we can use, I would be very grateful for.

Looking forward to discussing/sharing ideas.

Many thanks.

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@BenLevinson @abethune @james.ross I am sure you will be able to kick things off for Kane and his work in Lincolnshire?