Well School Evidence

I thought I would start a thread that shred some of the latest evidence demonstrating the need for Well Schools. Please share anything you have here such as the latest reports, data and infographics that help make the case for putting wellbeing at the heart of education.

Here is a link to the Good Childhood Report and a specific section on rethinking education.https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/good-childhood-report-2020

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Really powerful thoughts and ideas in the latest ‘Good Childhood Report’. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Colleguages might also find it useful to read Young Mind’s ‘WISE UP to wellbeing in schools’ document:


We have repeated the YouGov poll on wellbeing which demonstrated that parents want wellbeing prioritised in schools as the pandemic hits home.

As pupils return to school, 64% of parents believe that the wellbeing of their children is more important than their academic attainment.

The research, commissioned by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust and supported by the Gregson Family Foundation, was conducted by YouGov, It highlights parents’ desire for wellbeing to be measured and tracked, with 76% of parents agreeing that “we need to measure young people’s wellbeing if we are going to improve it."

Two-thirds of parents say that the pandemic, lockdown and changes to schooling have worsened their children’s wellbeing. Parents also recognise the importance of physical education (PE) and school sport in helping support children’s wellbeing and 81% believe that cuts to PE, sport and break time in schools are likely to have a negative impact.

You can download the full report here:
02 2021 Wellbeing Presentation 2021 results - FOR CIRCULATION.pdf (338.1 KB)