Well-being daily log

Hi all,

I have created a well-being log for the pupils at my school to help them to log both how they are feeling and also how active they have been each day. During these unprecedented times it is important to encourage children to remain active and take care of both their physical and mental well-being. Well-being log.docx (650.5 KB)


Hi Daniella,

Thank you for posting this and welcome to Well Schools

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Brilliant stuff Daniella…we will make sure this is shared with the rest of the community!

Welcome :blush:

Hi Daniella,

I wondered how your pupils were getting on with using this have they (and you) found it useful?

This looks good and really simple to use thank you for this!
I’ve adapted it slightly to use as a weekly tool for tables within my class.
Well-being log Laithes edit.docx (600.8 KB)

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Great share Robert, thanks for contributing!