Volunteering in the Community

One of the best ways we can equip young people with the human skills and social connections to thrive, is by giving them opportunities and support to volunteer in the community.

Here are the school case studies for Active Across Ages. These projects were delivered by schools like Anthony Gell and Sir Herbert Leon as secondary schools, Hartington and Weymouth as primary’s and Clare Mount is a special school. They trained and supported young people to actively volunteer in local care homes and settings with the elderly, encouraging them to get active and reconnect with their peers and with young people to help with their own health and wellbeing.

What volunteering projects have you delivered in your @schools ?

Case studies here:
Anthony Gell case study 1.docx (249.0 KB)
Clare Mount Case Study 1.docx (22.3 KB)
Hartington Case Study 1.docx (265.0 KB)
Sir Herbert Leon Case Study 1.docx (18.8 KB)
Weymouth Case Study v2 1.docx (15.3 KB)