Transforming the PE Curriculum

We have implemented the 5 ways of wellbeing into our KS4 Core PE curriculum, with a focus on students incorporating these into their lesson and in their everyday lives.

Our curriculum intent is:

At Penryn College, helping our students maintain a healthy active lifestyle is very important. This includes maintaining good mental health, keeping active in fun and creative ways, but most importantly making it unique for every student. This curriculum will give the students an opportunity to explore and identify ways they can keep positive mentally and physically, at an important point during their journey at Penryn college. With the intention when they move onto a new path, this helps students maintain healthy, active lives.

Students will explore each ‘way of wellbeing’ during a half term, integrated with physical activity. Lessons are designed to allow students to explore and identify each and evidence one example during the lesson. Students then have a week until their next lesson to evidence another example which could be in or outside of school.

Example would be prior to the pandemic, visiting our local university campus gym during Be Active and exploring short and long-term benefits of exercise, different ways to get active, 10,000 steps and identify solutions for potential barriers to exercise.

Attached is a bank of lesson objectives for each and also a bank of examples for students.
Bank of evidence examples.pdf (162.5 KB) KS4 Core PE - Lesson Objectives.docx (15.6 KB)


Hi Ben,

Given the current situation I think this is more important than ever. Great to read these pieces again.

There are some amazing resources and examples of practice shared here from Plymstock School down in Devon that all @schools should view. This is a fantastic case study for transforming the value and outcomes of core physical education as a key contributor to the health, wellbeing and future life chances of every pupil.

@ktyrrell is the strategic lead for the school, and you can engage with her through the chat on how they have revolutionised their offer.

Keep sharing your examples of practice here.

Curriculum road map2.pdf (687.1 KB)
6 - ME in PE Curriculum journey and justification.pdf (213.2 KB)
ME in PE Overview (3)-2.pdf (153.3 KB)
ME in PE - Impact - Outcomes.pdf (3.1 MB)
2 -ME in Core PE - Presentation to SLT.pdf (2.7 MB)

The Youth Sport Trust have created scenarios to really bring the national blueprint for physical education to life through the lens of the learners, relevant to the different points on their learning journey.

We’ve also uploaded the rebranded Top Transition cards which were piloted a number of years ago, but still very relevant. These now align with My Personal Best and PE Life Skills Award in language, look and feel.

We hope both of these resources will initiate and support leaders, teachers and schools to transform PE as part of your steps to success.