'Thirsty Thursday'

We host an annual event called ‘Thirsty Thursday’ here at the school. Ordinarily it takes place during the 3rd week of January, to coincide with ‘Blue Monday’. Due to the pandemic, we celebrated ‘Thirsty Thursday’ during Mental Health Awareness Week in May, this year.

Basically, in exchange for a small donation to the Samaritans, the Mental Health Lead and Learning Mentor make staff a ‘cuppa’ or soft drink at one of our ‘brew stations’ for colleagues. Staff also receive a cake or biscuit and information on mental health and wellbeing, which they keep.

We have been hosting this day for the last 3 years and have raised over £300 for the Samaritans. The staff really enjoy the occasion as it brings them together, even for a short period of time during their very busy days for a chat and a break


Hi Jim,

Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like a great way of checking in on each other as well as raising money for charity.

Would you be able to share the wellbeing information they give out as well?

Dear Harriet. The information that we give out changes each year. However, this year we gave out booklets and leaflets from Herts MIND with whom we have a formal working partnership. The information ranged from ‘Understanding schizophrenia’ through to ‘Mindfulness’. I also included information on how to access our ‘Digital Safe Area’, on the school website, which contains a large amount of mental health and wellbeing info, plus videos and links to the BBC Headroom website. This year, on a lighter note, we also included quotes from Muhammed Ali, Mark Twain and Bill Shankly, as well as the whole of 'The Man in the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt. I hope that helps?


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Hi Jim,

that is great thank you