Theale Green - A Well School

An amazing case study for every @schools on embedding the Well School pillars in their school improvement strategy:

Using the ALET Learning Philosophy as our foundation, our aim is that students who leave Theale Green School will go on to their next aspirational destination with a broad range of qualifications and real conviction in their self-worth. We also aim for the adults who work at Theale Green School to thrive in an environment which is energised, confident and optimistic, knowing that they are valued as individuals.​

  • By ensuring that we all (staff and students) prioritise our well-being, we ensure that we have a well led school​
  • By ensuring that we provide rich experiences and recognition for effort, we ensure that aspiration develops within our students​
  • By ensuring that we provide our robust and creative ACES curriculum (along with it’s broader offer) full of opportunities for feedback and success, we ensure that our students develop a strong sense of self-belief​

We believe that aspiration and self-belief builds intrinsic motivation which is the foundation for resilience, self-regulation and independence, which leads us back to the “Why?” and our aim.​

You can find our more through our dedicated webpage: