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Fortunately, we have entered a mile competition with our local schools through YourSchoolGames where our children are entered into a league table over 4 weeks where we record the children’s times and send them in. Since the children have returned, I have noticed a decrease in their stamina, fitness and health whilst they’ve been off.

When do you do yours and why and what challenges do you face?
I have been doing mine in the afternoon before they leave for home.

Hi Paul

Thanks for your first post! And a great one too…whilst i might not have the practical background around implementing the Daily Mile your point about the reduction in children’s physical condition post-COVID is a valid one. I will leave you with a couple of questions:

  1. How is your whole school day being peppered with bouts of physical activity that raise the heart rate for more than 10 minutes that will provide cognitive and physiological benefits?
  2. Have you though about physical activity or PE homework? Children’s understanding of how being active helps them with their learning and lives is paramount right now.

Thanks again for your contribution!

Thanks for the response.

  1. We’re part of the Walk to School scheme from Living Streets which, we hope, over time will increase their activity in walking in the morning as we found a high percentage who are easily in walking distance, don’t walk!

To get the exercise going, we take part in The Daily Mile in the afternoons. Ideally, the benefit would be for this to take part in the morning which is a problem as we are pushing for time in the maths and English at the moment as it is. However, we have a coach 2 lunchtimes during the week to aid in sport participation.

  1. PE homework would be good and maybe a section of homework that we should implement weekly. I’ve set us up on Seesaw where during lockdown was a major part of the home work to support their health and wellbeing however our catchment are lacking in sport participation in clubs outside of the school. Does anybody have any weekly ideas as thinking of wellbeing of staff, we don’t need them stressing for ideas.

This has made me question and consider forcing 5 minute mini bouts throughout the day before sessions like last year and has made me consider ways to do it in class! Verb-jump. Noun-sit/stand. Preposition-down. Adverb-Jump&wave etc. Please don’t judge as it literally just popped into my head! As you can probably guess I’m thinking of mixed activities where maths/English/SPaG can be mixed with practical activities so we’re incorporating both so please share any ideas.