Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires

Hi all,

I was wondering if any schools use Strength and Difficulty questionnaires with their students? It’s something I am looking into for our school to try to introduce a triage system to put in more effective interventions but would really welcome your feedback.



Hi Beth,

I haven’t used in personally but a school counsellor used to use it in a former primary school and I had to fill in a form on behalf of pupils she was seeing. She used it as a means to track progress with her interventions from teacher pupil and parent perspective. This article might be useful

We use Good Childhood Index at my school as it includes general indicators of wellbeing and life satisfaction which we were keen to track.


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We use it as it’s often asked for by external professionals. It offers a pretty quick snapshot but has its limitations too.


Hi Claire,

Welcome to Well Schools. Thank you for adding your feedback it is great to be able to help each other out.