Staff Wellbeing - Marginal Gains

Hi all,

Great to be here to share great practice! Two little tools that have really fostered a sense of security:

Team Time
As a large department, we have had to move some staff out of the PE Office in light of the COVID-19 Secure preparations. Some were anxious at being isolated or left out of the loop.

So we have arranged *** Well-being Wednesdays***. 20 minutes before school to bring a drink and a pastry to the currently unused gym to have a chat, re-socialise, celebrate any birthdays that week, or even grab a quick game of table-tennis!

Meaningful Thanks
As middle-leaders, many will often purchase small items of appreciation for their team. Cakes, choccies or a bottle of wine seem to be regular but finite choices. At the end of last year, I instead chose to use CANVA and BITMOJI to put together a very small thank you card and had a CPD book related to their career aspirations sent to their home address as a surprise. Inexpensive and with a longer impact than a chocolate bar!

Only a couple of tid-bits, but they have been useful ways of making our team feel well :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing Sean. There must be lots of PE offices out of action at the minute. Does anyone else have any ideas for staying connected in school and retaining a sense of team?

Hi Sean,

Sounds like a great thing you are doing! We have just started after school activities for our staff - on Tuesday we did some running and we hope to start things such as bench ball, dodgeball etc. (Where COVID-19 allows)

It’s been great for team morale so far!



Like others, we have an after school badminton club that staff attend.

I think this is a real challenge and one we are still grappling with. Individual teams are fine - they meet regularly. We’re using Phase Meeting times, PPA, staff training etc as much as times for people to come together and have a chat and a cup of tea as we are for CPD or work-related discussions. Whole staff is harder. We’re having a physically distanced whole staff briefing still on a Friday. We’re still doing our ‘Kensington Heroes’ virtually - where staff nominate others who have gone above and beyond. Our INSET days we had some team building games together because we could be outside. But I think there is a real challenge around whole team togetherness and it’s one I don’t think we’ve cracked yet. Will keep a close eye on this thread for further ideas!


I have seen one department in my school shares a short weekly newsletter keeping them up-to-date and providing a teaching and learning idea or focus. I liked the fact that it praised a member of the team for something they had seen them do throughout that week. A lovely boost for that person.