Staff wellbeing: "It's about who you are, not just what you do."

At Kensington Primary staff wellbeing is at the heart of our vision to create a place everyone loves to be. We know we have a moral duty to our staff to ensure they are cared for and happy; we have worked hard to reduce workload over time but they still spend a lot of their lives here! We also know that if our teachers are at their best, they will do the best job for our children and community.

We have been developing this for many years and are proud of the positive ethos at the school. As well as being crucial to our vision, it is also enshrined in our strategic goals: ‘all in this together’ and ‘take care of ourselves and each other’ as well as our guiding principle: ‘be positive and supportive’. The crucial part of this is how we behave day-to-day. Wellbeing is not an add-on and it is not something we do on a given day, it is at the heart of our approach.

I have attached our Wellbeing Policy as well as an overview of Wellbeing we share with staff.

Kensington Wellbeing 20-21.pdf (52.5 KB) Kensington Wellbeing Policy 2020-2021.pdf (101.3 KB)


Hi Ben, this was a great document to review, thanks for sharing.

I’ve be interested in hearing more about your Curriculum K.


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Hi Jordan. Thanks. I’d suggest a visit but a bit of a non-starter at the moment. Would be happy to discuss further though. Cheers. Ben

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