St Ives Secondary School Wellbeing Cards and Tutor Session

Hi, We use wellbeing cards and every pupil and staff member in the school has one.

They wellbeing cards have the 5 ways to wellbeing on them and as pupils go through their week they try to achieve each one of the 5 ways. When they achieve one of the 5 ways staff cross off the way on the card, sign it and write on the card how they achieved it.

An example might be if I see a pupils cycling to school instead of taking the bus I cross off their “Be Active” or if I see a pupils being their for a friend who might be upset I’ll cross off their “Give”. The 5 ways are awardable as house point award on sims and can be given to pupils within classroom lessons.

Once a week during their tutorial session pupils work through the wellbeing session. if they have a completed card they then get a extra 2 point house point awards which is awarded in this session by the tutor.

The well being session also contains gratitude journaling and a wellbeing goal setting exercise. Each pupil has a health and wellbeing journal and completed cards get stuck in and dated alongside their gratitude journaling and goal setting.

We also complete the cards for staff and at the start of each month have our “wellbeing champion of the month”. We asked our local spa and one of them said they’d give us some free spa passes which we’ve used as a reward for staff members who are taking care of their wellbeing. Staff can’t complete their own cards and must get them signed off by other members of staff. This creates more positive conversations of “can you sign off my take notice?”.

If you have any questions feel free to ask I’d upload the resource to share but I can’t at the moment as I’m a new user.

Thanks, Owain

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Owain’s postcard resource


Owain’s tutor time powerpoint. Had to make a Pdf to fit the upload limits so if you want it as a presentation please shout.

Health and Well Being Tutor Time.pdf (1.5 MB)