Screen Free Day / Week

Secondary Comp School 11-16

We are looking to host an Activity Week from Mon 1st March to Friday 5th March. For Mon - Thurs we are asking staff to post online lessons consisting of at least 5mins of physical activity time within their subject. This could be a simple behind the desk workout to actual subject based active tasks. On the Friday we want to finish the week with a screen free day. Maybe a whole school challenge which is set throughout the week. We want to be careful that it just doesn’t become a day off but something with real depth and purpose. Has, or is anyone doing something similar? Your messages and ideas will be gratefully received.


@pledged schools help Adam out here?

Hi Adam,

This sounds like a great idea. I am not sure if you use Twitter? There is a # being used at the moment which might give you some ideas #screenfreelearning.

I will be asking people to share their ideas on here as well. Hopefully you will get lots of inspiration.

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Hi Adam,
Funnily enough, I was discussing the issue of being stuck behind a computer screen for hours on end with colleagues recently. We were starting to come up with some ideas for a similar venture. Once I have put something together I will share our ideas here.
Thank you for jogging my memory!


Thank you for your replies - bit of an update.

We are hoping to run 5 mins of active learning in each period 1-5 for the Mon to Thurs so we get at least a 30min boost of SCREEN FREE time per day for those four days.

On the FRIDAY we talked about a challenge day which would be set throughout the week and no further screen time would be needed for that Friday and it would finish off the week in a really positive way…however!

Things that didn’t even cross my mind*
1.) We cant be seen to staff having a ‘day off’ and this might be perceived as this
2.) Some parents may complain that teachers aren’t teaching
3.) We can’t be seen to be encouraging the pupils to get out and about in case they meet up or have an accident
4.) Press at the moment is all about what are teachers doing and this might some local press to jump onto it

*not my words but from SLT feedback?

Saying all this though I am looking at ways we can do a while school cross circular day based on the Cultural
Capital of our local area so please keep eyes open for details… I won’t be defeated


Adam, don’t be defeated!

There is something about how you communicate this with parents and explain why you are doing this. As long as it doesn’t impact on parents having to a) take time away from work or b) feel under more pressure to support home schooling, then it would be well received.

This is why you joined the Well School movement and what you believe in so external politics and media perceptions shouldn’t hold you back.

:+1::+1::+1: now got permission for KS4 to have all lessons, all week with the 5 off screen time section and with KS3 we are doing the Screenfree day on the Friday with a remote, escape rooms fee about it! Excited


So we did it! What an amazing week, cumulating in a wonderful KS3 Grade 9 Challenge today. Check it out on our Twitter @johnspencepe or #ActiveSchool #ScreenFree #WellSchool


Great job @adam.pilkington I am sure the community will want to replicate this so any case studies or video you can share would be great!

Yeah I am putting something together for a local TeachMeet so I will share after. What is the best way to share a video?

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Thanks Ada, best way is to host on Vimeo or YouTube and then provide the link in a dedicated post.

Here we go - feel free to share


Love this @adam.pilkington, what a great introduction to a screen free approach to your active recovery!