School's Well-being Survey - Participation

Hello all!

I am a PhD student at the University of Winchester. For my research, I am developing and validating a measure of young people’s well-being. I am seeking schools to support the distribution of this well-being measure so I can analyse the reliability and validity of it. Unfortunately, the measure has had low-response rates, not surprising given the challenges facing us all at that time.

The measure is an online survey, the link to the survey can be found here: Pilot: The Winchester Well-being Scale is closed

If you’re a teacher at a secondary school and would like to get your pupils involved, please contact me via email for more info: [email protected]

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Hi Ellie .I am sure lots of school will love to get involved @abethune and @chris.wright or our resident Wellbeing measures experts. Chris possibly also an opportunity for the Health and Wellbeing schools. Any schools looking at a wellbeing measure please let us know your thoughts… don’t forget to share on here.

Hi Kay,

Thank you for your reply! Trying to find schools who have the time to administer the measure is proving difficult at the moment. I would like to get in touch with @abethune and @chris.wright if possible - thank you for tagging them :grinning:

Hi Ellie, i think this is a legitimate question to ask the community under the category. I know of some schools on here @abethune included who have been doing some great work on whole school wellbeing measures.

Take care

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