Schools prepare for the 8th of March and the "recovery" period

It has been great to see so many schools sharing Our Promise Open Letter on their social media channels.

@ssnelson, head teacher at Red Hill Field Primary School has shared with us his assembly where he talks through what the letter means to pupils in general but also to his pupils at Red Hill Field: Assembly 1st of March

Please share with us what you are doing in your schools to support children and young people in this recovery period.

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St Paul’s Catholic Primary, Wirral are focusing all learning around wellbeing for the next three weeks, using [Place 2 Be - We’ll Meet Again Resource] as the focus.


Our aim is to ensure that children feel connected, are active and can enjoy time together again.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for sharing this and the link with us. I hope this week is going well so far?


During YST TV subject leaders were asking me what to focus on in PE when the pupils return. For me it’s about rediscovering laughter and fun through growing their CONFIDENCE, building their COMPETENCE and developing their COMMUNICATION through COLLABORATION. The 4’C’s.
Confidence; Creating and environment where learners can build their confidence levels. Confidence in their surroundings and learning environment, confidence in their teacher, confidence in their peers and confidence in themselves.
Competence; We know that many children have not had the chance to be active with others, we know their fundamentals are a bit rusty. Ensure you allow for plenty of deliberate practice time and play. Let them experiment, let them explore and let them move freely.
Communication; encourage communication through planned activities. Build in peer to peer tasks that involve discussion, active listening, reflection and the giving and receiving of feedback. Use higher order questions to get extended responses, a noisy lesson can be a great lesson.
Collaboration; Enjoy re connecting and reflecting with your young people, listening to their experiences and then co creating the PE curriculum. Let them work with others and build essential life skills through PE. A collaborative approach is key.