Return to School 2020: Focus on Wellbeing

I am a big fan of a lot of the work carried out by ‘Physical Health Education Canada’ and I certainly think that their outlook compliments our Well Schools Movement.

I thought it would be worth sharing the link to their excellent ‘Return to School 2020: Focus on Well-Being’ document:

As stated in this document’s introduction, ‘Wellbeing impacts how we think, what we feel, and the way we act. The COVID-19 pandemic has created stress, fear, and the unknown, which has undoubtedly affected the wellbeing of both students and teachers. Schools present a unique opportunity for almost all children to develop the emotional, cognitive and physical skills needed to support their wellbeing and become more resilient people.’

This document focuses on the importance of ensuring that wellbeing is a priority for all members of your school community to learn, grow and thrive and how practices can be incorporated into everyday routines at school - in any class and subject area.


Thank you so much for sharing. We could all do some support on a successful return and recovery, keep us updated on your work in school Neil.


Fantastic read lots of food for thought

This is a really thought provoking piece. “Well-being should not be thought of as one more thing on the “to do” list”.

Thank you for sharing. This could be helpful for schools even after the Christmas break.

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