Promoting 5 to Thrive in primary schools

We are a small primary school (4 classes of mixed age). We really enjoyed the Children in Need ‘5 to Thrive’ campaign for promoting well-being. I would like to continue to develop these strands. . I have noticed that schools already use these or very similar and am looking for primary suitable ideas at staff and pupil level. We are planning to make class advent calendars with activities behind each door that promote one of the five. Any other ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.

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@chris.story @BenLevinson @chris.wright @abethune Can anyone get Emma started with some ideas.

I know lots of schools are using the 5 ways to wellbeing. My own Children’s school have just launched the 5 ways to wellbeing journals. Its really resonating with my children’s and they talk a lot about it at home.

Here is a resource we created at YST for National School Sports week the school resources have lots of activities you can do an opportunities to embed the 5 ways

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