Lockdown Lessons - Pupil Learning & Wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In a report that details some fascinating national trends from a large data-set of over 60,000 pupils, I was touched to read about a teacher’s concern for a family without a bin, and a child who was able to speak more openly with their parents about their mental health as a result of lockdown.

Here is the final report from ImpactEd’s longitudinal study of over 60,000 pupils in England who have been surveyed, monitored and interviewed over an eight-month period. This makes it the largest pupil-facing research project into the impact of the pandemic in the UK.

It has been supplemented by a number of case studies detailing how schools have used this data to design and deliver approaches to support pupil learning and wellbeing during a period of unprecedented educational disruption.

You can download the report here:
ImpactEd Lockdown Lessons - Final Report - Compressed.pdf (2.5 MB)