Leading a Well School

Leadership and management has to be at the centre of creating a Well School culture and is referenced at the heart of the 8 principles of promotiing wellbeing in schools.

Farhan Adam, Principal at Crown Hills Community College in Leicester has shared their WELL-being Charter as a brilliant example of what leading a Well School looks like. This provide a blueprint for staff wellbeing, agency and truly putting wellbeing at the heart of education!

You can access a copy here and be sure to contact @fbradshaw from Crown Hills for more information:

March21 Wellbeing Charter lower quality.pdf (637.3 KB)


Just been looking more deeply into the Well School stuff…I like this Chris. Charters, (if embedded into culture) can be so helpful in galvanising and getting a body of people moving in the same direction.



Hi Rob,

I am pleased that you have found this useful. Welcome to Well Schools