Kensington Primary School prepare to welcome all their pupils back

Many children may well be a bit nervous about returning to the classroom next week, so at Kensington Primary School they are going to go big with their welcome back to pupils. A balloon arch will greet the children in the playground on Monday.

Additional Physical Health lessons including Skills for Life and Fitness sessions will be put on for pupils, with extra Emotional Health lessons. A focus on communication will be put in to place to help children reconnect with each other.

Staff wellbeing will also be prioritised with the school providing staff with time and space to “get away” and reflect on their own.
Walking meetings will be encouraged and zoom fitness sessions lead by the Physical Health lead. Staff will be given postcards to be able to write to each other and pop on each others desks when they need a pick me up.

The school will continue to support their most vulnerable through foodbanks and books to pupils.

At the centre of their recover is allowing teachers to have autonomy to make decisions - after all they are the ones who know their pupils best.

Thank you @BenLevinson for sharing this with us.