Inspirational videos for health and wellbeing

I have really fallen for this inspirational ‘Educate the Heart’ video. It totally captures the essence of Well Schools. Our Founding school often used it in staff briefs to bring their vision to life. Does anyone else have any similar videos that inspire them??


Never seen that one before. Thanks for sharing that @kay.batkin! Love it.
Our leaders showed us one by Rita Pierson - Every Kid Needs a Champion!


I loved this video it got my day off to a great start and i’m in awe of her delivery style. Thanks for sharing…does anyone else have any inspirational video? I’m thinking we could start a whole resource library of inspiration. @abethune post and video is well worth an entry into that library


Great idea having a thread with inspirational videos. Definitely add the Ken Robinson ones too!

I love this video! I have passed it on to our Head Teacher to be included in training in the future.

This is one I usually show my children too when we have a couple of I can’t do its! Famous Failures and how it sometimes takes yourself or someone else to believe in you.


A great one is the Nike Advert.

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@liz.notman here it is…enjoy!

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Just came across this inspirational TedTalk on the importance of play in childhood and learning - any @schools making the case for why movement during the school day should share this with their SLT :slight_smile: