Hello from the University of Manchester - info about our current Well Schools research

Hello Well School community,

We are posting to let you know about an important piece of Well School research our team at The University of Manchester are running. The research is led by Drs Alexandra Hennessey and Sarah MacQuarrie and their research team at the Manchester Institute of Education and funded by the Youth Sport Trust.

We aim to understand what a Well School looks like and showcase and celebrate aspects of good practice through a series of case study profiles. We are to explore the factors that affect successful implementation and the perceived impact of being part of the Well Schools community.

We have recruited 10 Well Schools reflecting the diversity of the Well Schools community to case study profile. We are using a mixed-method case study approach. That means we are collecting a range of data such as interviews and focus groups with teachers and students, along with online surveys that quantify experience and impact.

We will use this space to keep you updated on how the evaluation is progressing.


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