Health and Wellbeing focused session resources to aid in the recovery period

Crown Hills Community College are preparing for the 8th of March by continuing the health and wellbeing focused sessions that were put in place in September 2020.

These sessions have included wellbeing journals which have been an outlet for students and allowed them to express their emotions and apprehensions. Pupils have also been given information and tasks to support dealing with change as well as different mental health issues.

Attached is an example of the registration sessions for KS3 & KS4

Thank you @fbradshaw for sharing these. Action for happiness - Feb 2021.pdf (1.6 MB) Health and Nutrition assembly KS3 Oct 2020.pdf (973.3 KB) HWB dealing with change KS4 w.c 22nd Feb.pdf (395.8 KB) HWB sleep focus KS3 - w.c 22nd Feb 2021.pdf (642.7 KB) Welcome back AM reg KS3.pdf (573.6 KB) Welcome back AM reg KS4.pdf (462.8 KB)

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