Do we know how our friends and colleagues are feeling?

Its not always easy for everyone to reach out to others when they are struggling, some people find it difficult to articulate their mood. I saw this idea on Twitter and thought it is a really good way for people to let their friends and colleagues know how they are feeling and helping us to see who we should reach out to. People can use it on all forms of social media as well as any group chats on Whatsapp etc:

:heart: Feeling fantastic
:purple_heart: Feeling pretty good
:green_heart: I am okay
:blue_heart: Not great today
:black_heart: feeling really down
:raised_hand: I need some support


Thank you for sharing this idea Harriet - I will certainly pass this on to my colleagues.

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HI …Thanks , will pass on too

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Hi Jo,

I hope they find it useful. You will have to let us know how they get on with it.

Yes I will. My headteacher and SLT love the idea and I have put it on my 6th form tutor group google classroom…
Thanks again!

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