Advent(ure) Wellbeing Calendar

Please find attached the Advent(ure) Wellbeing calendar. It’s full of great opportunities for pupils to take notice, connect and be active in an outdoors environment.

Advent(ure) Wellbeing Calendar.pptx (3.1 MB)


Hi Owain,

Thank you for adding this. This looks like great fun and all of them very achievable.

Owain - Can you tell us more about the wellbeing house points?

Hi Kay, Of course!

They are awards on the achievement section of sims. Teachers can award a wellbeing award for one of the 5 ways to wellbeing at any point during the school day. They can be awarded in a lesson, form time, at break time at and an extra curricular activity .

The awards are

Wellbeing – Connect -1
Wellbeing – Be Active - 1
Wellbeing – Take Notice - 1
Wellbeing – Keep Learning -1
Wellbeing – Give -1

We also have a 2 point award for a completed 5 ways wellbeing card that can awarded once per week during our tutorial wellbeing session.


Amazing i love it. Would you be willing to write an article for our magazine on your calendar and house system?