12 Days of Wellness

In the run up to the Christmas break we are rolling out a 5 ways to wellbeing activity with our wider partnership of schools for their students, staff and parents. Ideas page and wellbeing card attached for anyone that may be interested.
12 days of wellness ideas page.pdf (174.3 KB) 12 Days of Wellness.pdf (710.3 KB)


Hi Chris. I love your 12 days of wellbeing. I tried to direct some schools to it on a closed Facebook group. Would you be happy for me to link to this on social media?

Great idea for everyone to get involved at school and at home! I will be joining in with you and have shared with my wider networks.
Thanks for sharing and creating @ChrisGibson

Hi @kay.batkin, no problem at all - we look forward to seeing what you have been doing, enjoy.

Hi Chris,

This looks like a great idea I am going to do something similar. Would it be possible if you email me a copy of your wellness idea page. my email is [email protected]

Thanks for sharing @ChrisGibson


Hi @lshakespeare you should be able to download it by clicking on the link in Chris’s post. Shout if your having any problems, its working for me.

Only a few more days of these to go, how has everyone found it?

Hi @harriet.whittam,

The students and some staff at Kingsbury have really enjoyed it and some of the form tutors have got on board with supporting them to achieve a Way during form time.

How have you got on?

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Hi @ChrisGibson

That is great to hear. I have managed to do most of them (not from the start but as a catch up) and have passed on to family and friends as well. I particularly liked yesterday’s. The power of kind words can never be underestimated.


Last day tomorrow - hope everyone who has taken up the challenge has found it rewarding. As an individual I definitely have.

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Really like this - I have only just joined the well schools so didn’t get chance to use it before xmas. Is there anyway I could have permission so I can save it and edit for future use?


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Yes absolutely! Let me know if you have any problems accessing the files, can email them over if needed.

Hi Kelly,

Happy New Year - I hope you had a relaxing break.

We are thrilled that you have joined us at Well Schools I hope you find it helpful in whatever capacity you are teaching in.

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