How do I become a Well School?

Any UK based school or college can join the Well School community. You can sign up to the community for free and access the resources and support available from other Well Schools, or ask a question of the community that you need help with.

Who created Well Schools?

Well Schools is driven by schools for schools. It was created through consultation with schools and will always be shaped, owned and championed by schools. The Youth Sport Trust and BUPA Foundation will power the community providing the support you need to make the vision a reality.

Why is Well Schools different?

Well schools has a number of defining characteristics. Firstly this is an education strategy not a health strategy. This is about helping education stakeholders address the wellbeing concerns of staff and pupils to help them reach their potential. It is not a programme, an intervention or a kite mark. It is a community that brings practice, insight and resources into one place.

Who are the Founding Schools?

In May 2020 the Youth Sport Trust reached out to a group of schools that inspired the Well School Movement and 33 amazing schools were the first to take the Well School pledge. These schools breathed life into Well Schools. To meet the founding schools please visit and connect with them through the community.

Who sits on the board?

We have two advisory groups within Well Schools Governance. Firstly, our Well School Board who ensure Well Schools is truly driven by education. You can meet our Board [here]

We also have an Advisory Panel made of the most respected organisation from within the education and wellbeing sector. This group ensures Well Schools complements and supports the wider sector. You can find out more about the Advisory Panel [here]

How can I support Well Schools if I’m not based in a school?

We want Well Schools to be a movement for change. You can support this movement by championing and advocating for the mission of Well Schools. You can sign up as a Well School stakeholder and interact with the content and users in the community. You can also access the assets we have made available to advocate the Well School message.

Will there be a kite mark for Well Schools?

Not at the moment! There are many wellbeing measures, awards and kite marks available for you to access. What Well Schools will do is shine a spotlight on the ones that schools value the most and are effective in supporting the education goals that they have.

What is a 'School Like Me?'

School users browsing the site will find that they can filter advanced search results using the ‘schools like me’ feature. This feature includes four unique filters which can be used individually or in combination:

  • Pupils on roll - only shows posts by schools with the same number, or close to the same number, of pupils on roll.
  • Free school meals - only shows posts by schools with the same percentage, or close to the same percentage, of free school meals.
  • Local authority - only shows posts by schools in the same local authority.
  • School level - only shows post by schools with the same school level, e.g. primary.