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Welcome to Well Schools

Introduce yourselves to the Well School community and find out more about the three pillars concept and why we think its important.

Well School Culture

A dedicated forum for sharing practice and success on what has worked for you in creating a Well School culture and ethos experienced by staff and pupils.

Well Led

Resources and practice that support the wellbeing of staff and senior leaders so they can be effective practitioners and good role models.

Well Prepared

Resources and practice that supports the physical and mental health of all children so they can cope with the pressures of learning, life and society

Well Equipped

Resources and practice that develop the human skills and personal development outcomes that equip young people for the modern world.

Measuring Wellbeing

Sharing examples of measuring wellbeing and celebrating success.

Podcasts and Media

This category hosts everything from podcasts, videos, blogs and books that help inspire and provoke thoughts and Well Schools practice

Well School Recovery

A forum for sharing resources, practice and ideas on activating the open letter ‘Our Promise’ and providing a balanced return to school for every child and supporting their wellbeing and recovery.

Wellbeing at Home

Examples of practice of where schools have been able to support the wellbeing of children during prolonged spells of being at home. This has been most prevalent during lockdowns but could also be applied to when a child has an extended period of time absent due to no fault of their own.

Well School Supporters

Engage with the organisations and partners that are helping to shape Well Schools and already have some great stuff to support you.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.